Daikin Air Conditioning

Daikin air conditioning is a Japanese air conditioner manufacturing marvel, creating innovative systems and technologies for Australia, NZ, Japan, China, India, the Americas and beyond. Daikin air conditioning in Sydney started in 1969 selling water cooled air conditioners. Later expanding into Brisbane, Auckland and Western Australia, Daikin Air conditioning has always been a source of creative and efficient solutions for delivering comfort for homes and businesses. Daikin has been operating in Australia & NZ for over 40 years, creating air conditioning units designed to suit the unique Australian climate. Daikin Australia manufactures our models in Sydney, in their 1,800m² factory in Chipping Norton, so you know that our products are made to suit Australian expectations of quality, efficiency and safety.

Daikin manufactures a range of products designed to suit a variety of needs. If you have been searching for split system air conditioners, the US7 is a compact design that delivers both heating & cooling throughout the year.  If you want something more versatile, the Multi NX multi-split conditioner can heat or cool up to 5 rooms at once. No matter what Daikin air conditioner you choose from the Apex Airconditioning Sydney office, you’ll get something that not only meets, but exceeds the Minimum Energy Performance Standards set out by Australian regulations. So if you want something that keeps you comfortable and keeps your bills down, choose a Daikin air conditioning system from Apex Airconditioning Sydney today!

Daikin is one of the world leaders in air conditioning, the entire organisation is geared to creating sublime air conditioning systems for homes, offices, hotels and shops. The Daikin product line can be seen throughout Sydney, across Australia and the world. Buying a Daikin system is an investment for your future. The reason we create high quality premium products is because they last, so you save money long term on both bills & manufacturing. They’re also efficient and quiet, and come with a 5 year warranty and quality service.

For more information about the range of products available from Daikin, check out their online brochures below.

Split System

  • US7
  • Zena
  • Cora
  • L-Series
  • Nexura
  • Floor Standing

Multi Split

  • Super Multi NX


  • Premium Inverter (1 or 3 Phase)
  • Inverter Bulkhead
  • Standard Inverter (1 or 3 Phase)