The Advantages of Maintaining and Servicing Your Air Conditioning

Screech or klunk-klunk-klunk are not sounds you want to hear coming from the direction of your air conditioner. Air conditioners are rascally machines, too. They do not pick nice 75 degree days to make these sounds; they wait until the temperature is creeping up toward the 40 degree mark or higher.

How you can avoid the screech or the klunk-klunk-klunk

A little bit of regular maintenance can save you a whole lot of money when it comes to your air conditioner. Modern air conditioning units are designed to last many years, but when they are not properly maintained, things can go wrong that shorten the duration of their lives. Routine maintenance catches those pesky air conditioning problems that start small and may be unnoticeable to any but the trained eye of an HVAC professional.

Left unattended and free to grow, these small air conditioning problems can grow into major expenses that involve down time of your air conditioning unit, often in the hottest periods of the year. Routine air conditioning maintenance also saves in energy costs. When a unit is overworking due to a minor malfunction, it can use up a lot of extra electricity. While the modern air conditioners are built to be very energy efficient, they lose this capacity when parts malfunction that could easily be repaired.

Benefits of routine air conditioning maintenance

When you contract with an HVAC professional to provide you with regularly-scheduled routine maintenance for your air conditioner unit, you will find that:

  • When you have your condenser coils cleaned regularly, you will save on energy costs.
  • Your home or office will be cooler when your air conditioner’s coolant is periodically checked and recharged if necessary.
  • Regular maintenance upholds your unit’s warranties.
  • Periodic maintenance also saves you money on major repairs when small problems can be caught and addressed before they become big ones.
  • Your air conditioner will run more quietly when it is cleaned and maintained regularly.
  • Routine preventive maintenance can extend the life of your air conditioning unit by many years.

Choosing the right HVAC professional to do your routine maintenance is very important. Apex Air Conditioning offers personalized service and the Apex technician will:

  • Check your unit’s refrigerant and test for leaks
  • Examine and fix duct leakage in central air systems
  • Assess the air flow through the evaporator coil
  • Scan the electric control sequence to assure that heating and cooling remain separate functions
  • Inspect, clean and tighten electric terminals, belts, motors, and connections.

When you schedule routine maintenance, you will be less likely to ever hear screech or klunk-klunk-klunk.

The Benefits of Having an Air Conditioning Unit

The most obvious benefit of having an air conditioning unit at your disposal is the ability to avoid the outside heat, but there are other benefits also. The air conditioner is undoubtedly one of the most useful and important inventions of modern times. It cools homes, businesses, and systems, and offers us respite from the heat.

A little history of air conditioning shows us some of the benefits

Back in the 1840s Floridian Dr. John Gorrie proposed that cooling hospital rooms would make patients more comfortable, aid their healing, and help avoid the spread of diseases like malaria. His method of cooling, however, was unwieldy and somewhat impractical. He had ice shipped from Northern lakes and streams that were frozen all the way to Florida to cool the hospital.

Gorrie then designed a machine to create artificial cooling. It made ice using a compressor that could use a horse, steam, wind-driven sails, or water as a power source. This somewhat cumbersome machine was patented in 1851, and although never marketed, it was the foundation for both air conditioning and refrigeration. Willis Carrier, while creating a machine to control humidity, developed the first air conditioners.

The other benefits of air conditioning installation

The benefits both Gorrie saw in cooling hospital rooms and Carrier saw reducing humidity in rooms led scientists to research exactly what effects excessive heat has on the human body. According to their research, when hot weather and excessive humidity are present, they slow down your body’s ability to transfer the heat generated by doing tasks to the air around you.

When we are working and we produce more heat than we can offload, our heart rate rises and our blood vessels expand so they can rush more blood and heat to our skin to be offloaded. When it is too hot around us and we cannot release this excess heat, our sweat glands pull water from the blood to make sweat that can evaporate from our skin and cool us.

When more blood heads to the skin for cooling us, we have less to operate our muscles, our brains, and the rest of our internal workings. Fewer nutrients are delivered to our cells, we become dehydrated, and end up suffering heat illness symptoms. A loss of coordination that causes accidents, lessened stamina, difficulty concentrating, irritableness, painful crampy muscles, dizziness and nausea, and ultimately unconsciousness can result from getting severely overheated.

We need air conditioning in our lives in order for us to function optimally in our homes and in our jobs. Apex Air Conditioning is your air conditioning installation specialist. Let us come rescue you form the heat.

Service Your Air Conditioning Unit in Time for Summer

When the heat of summer is bearing down on you and your family, the last thing you want is to look for relief in your home and realise your air conditioning unit isn’t working. An air conditioner can break down for a variety of reasons, most of which can be prevented through regular air conditioning maintenance inspections by a professional HVAC technician. At Apex Air Conditioning, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your air conditioner is running properly and efficiently so you can rely on it when you need it most.

Professional Air Conditioning Sydney: Maintenance Is Important

When it comes to servicing your air conditioning unit properly, the best way to ensure its working as it should is to call a professional HVAC technician. Whether you have a brand-new air conditioner or a tried-and-true unit that has been reliable for many years, this is something that should definitely be on your spring to-do list. Unfortunately a lot of people wait until their unit breaks down and it tends to be with over use in the hot summer weather, meaning it is a very busy time for us! A simple service before the demanding season could mean avoiding being without your air con unit and a busy time to book a service.

What You Can Do: Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are a few small things that every homeowner can do to prepare their air conditioners in the spring prior to a professional inspection.

  1. Trim back any bushes, shrubs, trees, vines or other vegetation around your air conditioner. A clear area around your air conditioning unit ensures that it’s able to properly and efficiently take in cool air and expel warm air.
  2. Clean the external coil and fins of your air conditioner. It’s important to remove all debris from these components but also to be gentle in the process to avoid damaging them. Properly cleaning your air conditioner’s components will assist in maintaining its efficiency.
  3. In the early spring, turn on your air conditioner and check all of the components like the indoor blower motor, the fan outside, and any other visible elements to ensure they’re working properly. If your unit isn’t working well or happens to break down during your test, a service call in the early spring won’t be as costly as it is during peak times.
  4. While you have your unit running guide your hand along the outside to ensure that warm air is coming out the top and cool air is being sucked into the bottom coils. This isn’t a measure of efficiency but a way to ensure it’s working properly and that heat transfer is occurring.


Air conditioning maintenance is the best way to keep your air conditioning system working well all summer long. For more information contact us today online or by phone at 02 9559 6108.

Cool Off This Summer With a Variety of Reliable, Affordable Air Conditioning Units

When the heat of summer arrives, you and your family need a reliable air conditioner to create a cool and comfortable environment that provides you with relief from the heat. When it comes to air conditioners, there are a variety of options and sizes available to suit all types of homes and businesses. Whether you need commercial or residential air conditioning installation, one of our professionals here at Apex Air Conditioning can help you.

Commercial Air Conditioning: Sydney

When it comes to commercial air conditioning, one of our professionals can ensure you have a properly configured, sized, and installed system that you can rely on for many years. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with the following expert services:

  • Consultation & Design: Through years of experience and an expert understanding of technology and products, Apex technicians can provide you with a detailed analysis of your space. This analysis includes a professional design and recommendations to create an energy efficient and reliable commercial air conditioning system.
  • Choosing the Right Brand: There are several great brands that have a track record of reliability and quality, but understanding which make and model is right for your needs can be difficult. Our professional commercial air conditioning technicians can provide suggestions that meet your needs in terms of size, output, efficiency, and more.
  • Professional Installation: The installation and configuration of your commercial air conditioner is important to its lifespan and performance. A commercial air conditioner that’s improperly installed and configured can actually increase your energy bills and reduce the life of the unit itself. Our technicians here at Apex Air Conditioning have been installing commercial air conditioners for decades and as a result have encountered many unique obstacles and problems that need professional attention. They will professionally install your commercial air conditioner according to the manufacturer’s specifications, while taking your home structure and layout into account.
  • Ongoing Air Conditioning Maintenance: Once your commercial air conditioner is installed, it’s important to ensure that it’s properly maintained. An annual appointment with a professional commercial air conditioning company is the best way to ensure your air conditioner is ready for the summer, and to address any small issues that could later potentially lead to the breakdown of your unit.

Make an appointment with us today to ensure your commercial HVAC system is properly designed and the air conditioner is installed and configured according to the manufacturer’s specifications. For more information about commercial air conditioning, contact us online or by telephone at: 02 9559 6108.


3 Common Types of Summer Air Conditioning Repairs

The Christmas holiday is approaching, which coincides with the summer season. As the days grow warmer, have you noticed your a/c unit struggling to keep your home cool as you wrap gifts, bake cookies, or decorate? Has the familiar hum of your a/c unit begun to include other sounds such as clanking or buzzing? It may be time for a tune-up, but what are some of the possible problems? Here are three common types of summer air conditioning repairs:

1. Cleaning Out Dust and Debris

Your a/c system will not run at optimum efficiency if there is dirt or other debris trapped within the unit or ductwork. Did your vents drop dust the first time you turned on the unit this summer, or does the air smell musty? Replacing the air filter and cleaning the unit may drastically improve air quality and flow. Cleaning the unit could be a do-it-yourself project, but you should consider having professional aircon maintenance done each year for the best results. Cooling systems that are in good shape will work better without spiking your electric bill.

2. Determining the Cause of Clanking or Buzzing

Knowing how your a/c sounds when it is working properly will help you identify any problems based on what you hear. If the system is running louder than usual or cycles on and off constantly, it may be old or overworked. If you hear any clanking or buzzing, there may be a loose piece of equipment such as a screw inside. Unfortunately, unwanted sounds could also indicate an issue with the fan or motor, but a specialized technician will be able to quickly identify the problem.

3. Repairing Leaks

During an inspection, an a/c technician will look over all aspects of your unit, including motor wear and the amount and type of refrigerant. They can also measure airflow and test for leaks. Sealing off leaks and drafts may help solve or avoid following problems:

  • Inflated electric bills as compared to the same time last summer
  • Units that continually cycle on and off
  • Homes that never cool completely
  • Shorter a/c unit lifespans due to overworked systems

 Whether or not you have already noticed problems with your a/c system this summer, scheduling an inspection or air conditioning repairs now will help ensure your unit stays in good working order all season long. Contact Apex Airconditioning in Sydney at (02) 9559 6108 today for peace of mind over the holidays!

How to Survive the Summer Heat: Is It Time for an A/C Upgrade?

As the days grow warmer, how confident are you that your old air conditioning unit will last through the summer? No matter how much you enjoy outdoor activities or simply being out on the beach near Sydney, your home should be a cool, comfortable retreat you can rely on. If your old unit can’t handle the heat, it may be time to consider trading up and scheduling a new air conditioning installation.

Warning Signs of An Old A/C Unit:

Air conditioners are tough systems that can handle huge workloads every summer, but older units may start to show signs of weakness and inefficiency. Some common symptoms include:

  • The unit kicks on, but the house does not cool
  • Water is leaking due to a clogged or disconnected drain line
  • The unit cycles on and off constantly
  • Your electricity bills have gone up drastically since last summer
  • The system starts producing unusual noises such as rattling or buzzing

If minor repairs are not enough to solve the problem, your A/C technician may recommend a new unit.

Reasons to Replace an Old Unit: Effectiveness and Efficiency

It may be time to replace an old unit if basic maintenance is not enough to maintain a comfortable temperature without overworking the system. Thankfully, today’s models are more energy-efficient than ever before. They are capable of cooling your house faster while consuming less electricity, particularly if you incorporate other energy-efficient tactics throughout your home.

Ask your A/C technician to inspect ductwork for leaks, and upgrade to energy-efficient windows if possible. Taking care of any drafts or leaks will help your new unit run at maximum efficiency. In turn, this will increase the unit’s cooling effectiveness and extend its lifespan. Plus, if you are having a new A/C unit installed, your technician may use your home’s area and energy-efficiency to help calculate the unit size you need for your home. Consider investing in a new unit this summer to ensure your family is not stranded in hot and humid weather.

Expert Air Conditioning Installation

Specialised technicians are highly trained in every aspect of air conditioning installation and repairs. They will make sure you have the right unit for your home, and can also offer tips to keep it operating smoothly for years to come. To beat the heat in Sydney this summer, contact Apex Airconditioning today at (02) 9559 6108 to discuss a new unit installation or current system servicing.

Hong Kong Malls Are Right: Cold is Good for Business

As an owner or operator of a commercial property, there are a lot you can learn from the Chinese. They keep a tight ship and they rarely take their feet off the gas. Whenever they can make the most of their resources, they get on with it. Most importantly, they know the value of hard work. Adapt to their ways, and it is possible for your business to take the next level.

Yet, it is not just about the values to the Chinese executives. In Hong Kong, they want to ensure their customers do not get hot at any moment. For that reason, they turn the air conditioning to 11 and keep it chilly in the mall. Very chilly, as the temperature plummets to 58°F at its coldest. Hong Kong is not particularly warm, but they know it is what keeps customers happy.

Learning the Virtue, Not the Act

Apex Airconditioning advises you to hold off turning the AC’s knob. A system running on the lowest temperature all day will wreck your utility bill and the environmental footprint will be immense. Environmental and energy ministries know themselves that such a use of energy is a waste, and keeping the temperature cool and stable would suffice.

Instead, learn the value behind the action: give your customers the best service. In terms of air conditioning, make sure it is running efficiently all day. When it needs maintenance service, get one in time just so you can continue your operations.

Repair/Replace Conundrum

Your air conditioner has to move forward, just like everything in your establishment. It is good if you bought a good batch before and your air conditioner is still performing as it is. But we urge clients to replace deficient units. Running them is much costlier, especially as you will be maxing out the all knobs just to get adequate cooling.

It is a good thing that Apex Airconditioning carries all the top brands, such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi and more. We also provide consultation and installation.

Contact us today for more details.

The Overlooked Secret to Making Customers Buy: Temperature

The core of the retail business is to increase sales. There are many effective tactics in achieving this goal, from offering free samples, discounts, and rewards to setting clever pricing and increasing brand exposure offline and online. Often, there is one strategy left ignored, though: regulating temperature.

The Link between Temperature and Consumer Behaviour

Indeed, many retail store owners do not pay much attention to heating and cooling when thinking about strategies for improving retail operations. It sounds too simplistic to say that having the right temperature will translate to increased sales.

While that may be true, it is because there’s a missing link in the equation: customers. The right temperature improves indoor environment, making consumers more comfortable and conditioning them for purchases.

A growing body of research confirms this. The word ‘comfort’, though, means more for researchers.

Lower Temperatures, Higher Sales

Experts say that people tend to be more interested in products when in warm environments, instead of cool rooms. This is because consumers associate low temperatures to closeness. This implies that warm environments improve not just physical, but also ‘social’ comfort.

Moreover, people are more likely to rely on others’ opinions about products when in low-temperature environments as a result of wanting to feel social intimacy. This means even though they don’t need a particular item, consumers will likely buy it if they see others’ preferences.

The study that asserted these claims involved tests to validate if indeed there’s improved product perception when people are in warm environments. In the first experiment, the researchers compared the level of consumer’s buying intentions between warm and cold days. Analysing behaviours for years, they found that more consumers bought during low-temperature days.

The second experiment involved participants reporting a maximum price they’re willing to pay for hte products they will see while using warm or cool therapeutic pads. The results showed that subjects with the warm therapeutic pad are more likely to put a higher price on the products.

The last experiment involved keeping participants in warm (78.8° F), cold (64.4° F), and test rooms (71.6° F). The researchers found that people in the low-temperature rooms were willing to pay more for most of the products shown than those in the colder rooms.

Great customer service and increased sales start with having the right atmosphere in your store. Contact us today and we’ll help in your commercial air conditioning needs.

Frozen ACs: Frost and Ice Aren’t a Good Thing

A frozen air conditioning unit isn’t a good thing; it’s an indicator that something may be wrong with the unit’s internal parts. You might think that it’s a testament to how cold the machine is, but you’ll actually notice that the air it’s pumping out is warmer than usual.

It’s difficult to determine what causes the AC unit to freeze over and start building up ice and frost. But, there are warning signs you need to watch out for and address immediately before the machine starts freezing over.

Warm Air and Leaks

If you notice that your air conditioning unit seems to be expelling relatively warm air, then it’s a telltale sign that there’s something blocking the flow of air within the vents. Since the cold air can’t escape properly, it remains within the internal structure of the AC unit itself, which eventually causes the parts to freeze.

The situation becomes worse when your AC unit starts leaking. Since the temperature inside the machine is already very cold, the leaks will eventually freeze. When this happens, ice starts building, blocking the passageways further and may even physically damage the pipes and vents inside the air con unit.

Dirt and Debris

It’s also a good idea to check if the internal parts of the AC unit, particularly the evaporator coil, are dirty and full of debris. The evaporator coil is technically what manages the flow of air and when it’s dirty, it retains the air it’s supposed to expel. This eventually causes a drop in temperature that leads to freezing.

Clean your air conditioning unit to prevent this from happening, and make it a habit to change the filters at least once every week. You’ll avoid causing dirt and debris build-up and make sure the air is safe to breathe.

At Apex Airconditioning, we know how problematic freezing air conditioning units can be. We provide extensive air conditioning maintenance and repair services to prevent frost and ice build ups from ever occurring.

Yes, Breathing Matters: The Importance of IAQ

The 70s saw the beginning of the race to save energy and carbon in the residential housing arena. This triggered homes built “tighter” to conserve energy. Unfortunately, the same tight construction started playing down the indoor air quality (IAQ) of homes because it reduced ventilation and shut indoor air pollutants inside homes.

And that kind of construction model could be making you sick.

While indoor air quality is not something most people, including you, think about, remember this: breathing clean air has a significant impact on your health.

Indoor Air Pollution is the Biggest Environmental Danger

The World Health Organization has recognized that indoor air pollution is a real problem, ranking it the top environmental danger facing the public. In fact, seven million people die each year (1 in 8 deaths) because of exposure to air pollution.

The Pollution is Worse Indoors

The indoor air pollutants largely come from indoor cooking stove fuels, such as coal, wood, and cow dung. Because of these sources, the quality of indoor air can be two to five times (even up to 100 times) more polluted than the worst of the outside air.

In fact, according to Kirk Smith, a professor of global environmental health in the US, said, “Having an open fire in your kitchen is like burning 400 cigarettes an hour.”

Some Serious Diseases are Linked to Poor Air Quality

Breathing the microscopic dirty particles can lead to the development of lung cancer. Lung cancer is particularly responsible for roughly six percent of the number of premature deaths caused by air pollution. The vast majority of deaths (69 percent), on the other hand, are due to stroke or heart disease.

Reducing the Effects and Preventing Indoor Pollution

Good indoor air quality starts with a solid construction that prevents air leakage and moisture penetration, as this prevents mould growth. Mechanical ventilation using exhaust fans is a must as well, as this gets rid of excess moist air in the home.

Finally, installing HVAC systems can help reduce indoor air pollution. Energy efficient ones, in particular, operate safely and cleanly, venting exhaust gasses separately to avoid the risk of hazardous fumes inside the home.


At Apex Airconditioning, we understand the effects of pollution on your health. Let us help you fight indoor air pollution and promote quality air in your home with our energy efficient HVAC systems. Work with us today!