Residential Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

You can achieve all year-round climate-controlled comfort at home by installing a residential ducted air conditioning system. In just a touch of a button, you and your family can get the best of that much-deserved comfort.


The ducted air conditioning system has two units: a compressor unit located outside the property and an indoor one that is installed in the ceiling or under the floor. The unit has flexible ductwork responsible for distributing cool or warm air throughout the house. Vents are installed in different parts of the property to allow equal distribution of cool or warm air. Ducted air conditioning systems can be designed to work in two or more zones. This means you can operate it in the living areas during daytime and in the bedrooms at night. This way, you can significantly save money on energy consumption.

Apex Airconditioning offers installation of top-of-the-line systems of residential ducted air conditioning in Sydney. Our skilled team of technicians can install these in nearly all new and existing homes. We work in synergy to finish the job in a fast and safe way without compromising on quality. Our specialists exhibit a high level of workmanship and professionalism to deliver you no less than an excellent service. We do not cut corners; you can expect us to install your AC system to perfection.

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