For many industrial and commercial businesses, perhaps there’s no worse operational stoppage cause than a fire breakout. It can severely delay operations, dampen workforce morale, and, in extreme cases, shut down businesses. This makes important to observe fire safety regulations and take extra measures to prevent such mishaps.

Most fire accidents happen because of substandard fire safety compliance methods and frequent equipment misuse. At Apex Airconditioning, we believe that with proper asset management, you can avert accidents and unscheduled maintenance and repairs. Ensure the security of your workplace by taking the following things into account:

Do Not Block Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

Climate control is an important element in any work environment. Once these systems are compromised, your business is at risk. Simple things such as moving bulky machineries away from ventilation system can improve business operations significantly.

You also need to have a good air conditioning system to facilitate effective air and heat circulation. You can consult us on how to acquire customised climate control solutions for different commercial business setups.

Have a Regular Fire Safety Inspection/Auditing

As prevention is better than cure, it’s better to conduct regular fire safety inspection. The Australian fire safety standard is quite rigorous, and it takes professionals with extensive background in the industry to audit and prepare businesses for such demands. From risk assessment to fire equipment assessment, we can help improve the safety of your workplace.

Schedule Maintenance

Apart from regular inspection, it’s also best to schedule equipment maintenance. Air conditioning systems need frequent maintenance for efficient operations. In the long run, it will help you save on utility costs and unnecessary expenses.

Train Your Workforce

Ultimately, all the preparations and undertaking will be put to waste if people don’t know the proper approaches and attitude when it comes to fire safety. Before starting your business operations, make sure to train your workforce on safety standards and right working procedures. Conduct regular refreshers and training course for good measure.

Don’t compromise your employees’ safety and your business. Get in touch with us to learn more about fire safety standards and climate control systems.