Debunking 4 AC Installation Myths

Air conditioning systems are gaining popularity in both residential and commercial properties, mainly because of rising temperatures. This appliance is definitely the most effective technology in battling extreme heat. Some homeowners, however, are having doubts about getting one because of a few myths.

It Doesn’t Matter Where the Unit is Located

You can technically choose to place the air conditioning unit anywhere in the room. But if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll install it in a practical location. Many say that it doesn’t affect the function and performance of the unit. On the contrary, positioning the air conditioner in the wrong place can restrict its utmost efficiency. If you’re not sure where to place it, you can always ask professionals for suggestions.

Want Better Comfort? Get a Bigger Unit

While it’s true that bigger units produce more cold air, it still depends on the size of the room. Installing an air conditioning unit that isn’t proportional to the room greatly affects its efficiency. In the case of a bigger unit, it cools the room too soon and it doesn’t live up to its designated function.

Over-performing units aren’t cost-efficient because you’ve paid more than what you only get. There is a big chance that bigger air conditioners will be prone to damages if they can’t operate within their true function.

It’s Not Practical to Buy Centralised Units

As centralised air conditioners cater to the whole house, many think that it’ll only cost a fortune. This myth can also go either way. But it’s not entirely true that this kind of air conditioner isn’t cost-effective. In some cases, you may save more in one centralised unit than multiple window units for each room.

Basically, if you have a big house with numerous rooms that need air conditioning, it’s more practical to choose a centralised unit. Besides, this saves you time also in minding each and every window unit.

In this era where air conditioning units are a common and sought-after appliance in a house, numerous myths are surfacing from many sources. These fallacies about an A/C’s installation shouldn’t persuade you to think twice about getting one in your home. Here at Apex Airconditioning, we offer installation services that you can count on. Contact us now and see how our experienced technicians deliver quality services.