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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Randwick

Aside from Randwick’s famous old heritage buildings, recreation facilities loom all over the area. The City of Randwick, as a matter of fact, is known as the “Sports Coast,” with beaches and bays and home to many tourist recreation sports including a well-known race track. The Randwick suburb is also in close proximity to Sydney’s Central Business District and contains the most visited areas outside of the CBD. With all the developments in Randwick’s infrastructure and culture, it is no surprise that Randwick is recognised as one of the world’s top locations where real estate buyers would invest. The value of the land is essential for Australia’s economic growth, and this is why the resident and tourist population density is high. Here, you can also find some of the best restaurants, hotels, cafes, and shopping centres in Sydney.

With the boost in local infrastructure and transport projects, commercial air conditioning in establishments has become necessary to keep the comfort of both Australians and international guests. Apex Airconditioning has been in the business for 15 years, providing Randwick businesses with the air conditioning needs for a more secure commercial growth. With our team of experts, we can provide the perfect fit for your office space or business establishment, with affordable services and a wide array of choices from installation to maintenance. Apex Airconditioning is happy to form partnerships with local business owners and managers to provide comfort through air conditioning repairs, maintenance and sales.

The Local Commercial Air Conditioning Experts You Can Always Rely On

With our reliable team always ready to solve your commercial air conditioning problems, we are one call away to give you the comfortable business site you need. Whatever industry you might be in, you need to battle Australia’s extreme climates at all times to keep workplace productivity high or to keep your own customers comfortable as they engage in business with you. With our turnkey solutions and innovative approach to industrial air conditioning, more locals trust the solid foundation of excellence where Apex Airconditioning lies.

With the scope of a large industry yet the heart of a small company, Apex Airconditioning always comes up with the most efficient AC offers for you, customised to perfection. Whether you want a new HVAC system or you want a repair and maintenance for your existing ones, we vow to provide outstanding service and full satisfaction. Or, if you are in the market for a new air conditioning installation, we can also help. If you need a professional and reliable air conditioning service in Randwick, just call 02 9559 6108.

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Greener Approach to Air Conditioning in Randwick

Technology often takes its toll on the natural resources we have, often to the expense of the environment. Apex Airconditioning, a company with the passion to serve, also has the heart to protect. We want a world where people can attain comfort without compromising the health of the environment. With this, our team has specialised HVAC systems to improve the efficiency in energy consumption of industrial and commercial air conditioning. While most people do their part – offices cutting on the printer and paper usage, for example – they often overlook the things we can’t see – temperature, for example. Apex Airconditioning is here to do the job. We provide the most energy-efficient devices and services as a nod to the movement to save the environment.

Developed throughout the years, HVAC systems have become cost efficient on their energy saving in the long run. Most people think that going green would always mean extra costs, but with Apex Airconditioning, this is not the case. We offer the greenest solutions for the cheapest prices.

We work in partnership with trustworthy brands who are also in this mission to conserve nature and better the environment.

Eco-friendly brands we work with include:

    • Actron Air
    • Daikin
    • Fujitsu
    • Temperzone

Eco-Friendly brands we work with include:

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Apex Airconditioning ensures full customer satisfaction on each operation we attend to, thanks to our years of experience and excellence. With free assessments, you can be sure that all options are laid out to you before you weigh on your choices. We service all parts of Sydney without call out charges – need air conditioning installation? Randwick is no exception! Need a fix for your unit? Just organise a time when you’re available and we’ll come at once to your site.

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