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Air Conditioner Size Selection Guide

Your air conditioning sizing requirements will vary subject to a number of factors. These factors include the aspect positioning of your house, the material the house is made of such as brick veneer, double brick or weatherboard. The location and size of windows and the covering on these windows and whether the house is insulated has a large bearing on the sizing. These factors combined with the region you live in can vary air conditioning requirements by up to 20% between a house in Northern and Southern Australia.

To be sure you purchase the unit that best suits your situation we recommend you discuss your specific requirements with Apex Airconditioning.

What are the benefits of air conditioning?

The major benefit is a comfortable climate-controlled indoor environment all year round. An air conditioning unit has a number of functions including heating, cooling, dehumidifying and fan only. The dehumidifying function is particularly beneficial for those with asthma.

What are the types of air conditioners available?

To find out more about our range of popular systems, click on the links below.

Why is maintenance important?

Regular maintenance ensures that your air conditioning system will work when you need it most and keep on working throughout the years. Benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • Reduces breakdown costs
  • Keeps unit running efficiently which in turn saves on energy consumption
  • Maximises the life cycle of your air conditioning unit
What are the installation requirements?

Correct installation is vital to ensure the efficient performance of the unit. In the installation process, allowances must be made for drainage from the indoor unit on cooling mode and outdoor unit on heating mode. Positioning of the indoor unit is important and should not inhibit the flow of air.

Where possible the unit should be placed centrally on a wall directing the airflow to the centre of the room. With the outdoor unit, it should be positioned in a well-ventilated area on a solid footing and must be easily accessible for servicing purposes. Take into account that installation faults may void manufacturer warranties, and so only qualified air conditioning installers should carry out this work.

Apex Airconditioning’s installation technicians are all qualified and highly experienced.

Factors to consider when buying and installing split air conditioners

Make sure the unit you purchase is the correct size, allowing the unit to cycle off when the correct temperature is reached. This allows for the compressor to switch on and off as required rather than running continuously.

Set your thermostat so that you feel comfortable rather than cold. Most of us feel comfortable at between 22 and 24 degrees in summer. Remember that in summer you will be dressed in summer attire.

Make sure the unit is securely mounted to avoid unnecessary vibration. Mounting through the wall will generally give a more secure install than through glass.

Maintain the filters of your air conditioner on a regular basis and in the case of split systems, have your unit serviced by a qualified tradesperson at least every two years depending on the environment the unit is installed in, some units require a professional service once a year.

Factors to consider when relocating your outdoor unit

Be sure to have maximum clearances around the outdoor unit, to minimise the chances of hot air being recirculated back into the outdoor unit; especially if there is a wall directly opposite, as this can cause the unit to overheat and fail especially on hot days.

Is the condensing unit going to be located under a carport or roofed entertainment area? These areas are more reflective of sound.

Maintain the filters of your air conditioner on a regular basis and in the case of split system/ducted/multi-systems have them serviced by a qualified tradesperson at least twice a year, depending on the environment the unit is installed in.

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