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Grilles are available in a range of Dulux colours to suit the colour scheme of your home or commercial environment.

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Commerical Air Conditioning Grilles

As the months get hotter, there is a greater need to turn on the air conditioning and enjoy the cool air. This luxury is often enjoyed without really thinking of how the AC works, where the air comes from and how it goes. And why should that be a concern if you have the services of technicians from companies like Apex Airconditioning to take care of your AC needs? Be that as it were, we believe that a little knowledge of whatever air conditioning systems you buy can go a long way to preventing some of the most common problems faced by owners of ACs.

Chances are you have come across information about different types of air conditioners but there are certain important details that are being overlooked. These details could impact your experience of your air conditioners without you even realising it. One of such details is the commercial air conditioning grille.

What is an Air Conditioning Grille?

When you look at an air conditioner, the first part that you see is the body framework which is often times assumed to have the sole responsibility of housing the working parts of the AC. In reality, there are parts of the external framework that play an active role in the circulation of air and the AC grilles ranks high in that regard.

The AC grille is the part of the AC that covers the vent. Their job is to keep out rodents and other foreign objects from getting into the vent which is where air circulates in and out of the room. There are different types of air conditioning grille and their job could go beyond keeping rats out of your vent.

There are vent grilles that act as air extractors and air recyclers. Then you have grilles that help in the air filtration process as they are attached to the filter frame for the vent. Then you have custom AC grilles that offer options of anything ranging from being a simple grille cover to a filtration unit. This is dependent on what you would need it for.  

Why do you need a grille?

The grille keeps the air where it is meant to be. Therefore, the absence of it would mean air would escape and this would go on to affect the performance of your AC. Obviously, it won’t necessarily throw your AC out of work but your air condition experience would diminish greatly on the scale of satisfaction.

It is important to know that while grilles do not frequently go bad, they would require replacements from time to time. If you go for ill-fitting grilles or buy cheap grilles made from inferior materials, you could complicate the situation further.

One major result of a malfunctioning grille is that it causes your air conditioner to consume more energy than it normally would because the escaping air from the vent is causing it to work overtime to cool the environment

To avoid things like these, it is imperative that you do the following

  •         Buy your air conditioning grilles from a licensed dealer or supplier
  •         Hire professionals who offer installation services
  •         Ensure that the model, size and fit are a match to your current vent


We have emphasised the importance of ensuring that you buy quality air conditioning grilles. However, quality does not always mean that you have to break the bank. There are a variety of grilles that can accommodate your budget as well as your needs.

If you are in the market for a team of professionals to help with setting up your AC grille, we would be delighted to take on your challenge. Apex Airconditioning is one of the leading air condition installation, management and maintenance firms in Australia. We have an array of personalised services at great prices that you can choose from.

Our commitment to your satisfaction is evident from the moment you reach out to us. The team here at Apex Airconditioning are available round the clock for any of your air conditioning needs including the installation and maintenance of your grilles. To learn more about grilles, contact Apex Airconditioning today.