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There is a constant revolution in the world of technology and when it comes to air conditioners, inverter air conditioners seem to have overtaken conventional ACs and for good reason too. This technology is an excellent investment that not only handles the job it is designed to carry out in the most efficient way, throughout the years, but it also continues to give back to you in terms of major savings in the areas that matter the most.

While there are many brands of inverter air conditioners, their primary purpose as well as how they operate remains the same across the board. However, the right AC technician can spot the subtleties in their differences and proffer solutions based on what he or she considers to be the best option for you. While we leave the debate on what brand of inverter air conditioners are the best, it makes sense to explore the fundamentals of inverter air conditioners and how best to get them to work in your favour.

What are Inverter Air Conditioners?

Inverter air conditioners essentially are an upgrade of the conventional air conditioner that you know. They come installed with a technology that allows it to have complete control over the compressor unit in order to alternate different temperature settings at variable speed. In other words, instead of the on/off and single speed method that is typical of traditional ACs, Inverter ACs help you attain your desired room temperature at the flick of a button in the shortest time.

Not only do they help you get the temperatures to exactly where you want them, they are intelligent enough to adjust to the climate to help you retain the ideal temperature settings in your home. But that is not all that they can do for you;

  • On average, inverter air conditioners can save you as much as 50% on your electricity bills as it reduces how much energy you expend and this difference is very significant when compared to older air conditioning models.

  • Inverter air conditioners give you more control over the temperature settings in your interior space. With them, you can go from hot to cold in under a minute and the variable speed function means that you have more options for temperature settings. So, you can work with the temperature that is most ideal for you.

  • Unlike conventional air conditioners that can be loud and noisy, inverter ACs operate quietly thus effectively eliminating the disturbing noise problem.

  • With a proper maintenance schedule as well as a professional maintenance team, your inverter ACs have a longer life span than the typical AC.


Inverter ACs work well in almost any environment and can withstand all of the heavy-duty work without breaking down. Of course, this is provided that they are being maintained properly by the experts.

How do Inverter Air Conditioners Work?

If you have ever driven a car, you would be in a better position to understand exactly how this technology works. Just as the accelerator controls the amount of fuel that is being fed into the engine in order to control the speed of the car, so does the inverter regulate the current that is fed to the compressor in order to regulate the temperature. The current affects the speed of the compressor and the speed of the compressor is what determines the cooling or heating output. 

Air conditioning inverters have intelligent microcontrollers that intermittently sample the environmental atmosphere of the room and then feeds this information to the compressor causing it to either increase or decrease speed so as to adjust to the corresponding temperature. In very succinct terms, inverter air conditioners are designed to give you more control over the temperature in your room.

Maintenance of Inverter Air Conditioners

Based on the information shared so far, you will be forgiven for assuming that inverter air conditioners are more suitable for residential homes. It should interest you to know that there are a lot of commercial air conditioning inverters that work well for commercial spaces be it malls, offices, hotels or schools. They are the ideal solution as they are built to be used heavily without the fear or concern of them breaking down quickly.

However, you would need the services of experts with years of training and experiences in the area of inverter air conditioners in order to keep your ACs in excellent working condition over the years. At Apex Airconditioning, our client’s needs are our priority and we have ensured that we have service agents who are on call round the clock for installations, maintenance and AC emergencies.

Air conditioning inverters are the technology of tomorrow and the benefits multiply over the years. To learn more about air conditioning inverters, contact Apex Airconditioning today!

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