VRV Air Conditioning Systems

Have you got a large home or business and want to reduce the costs of climate control? VRV air conditioning, or Variable Refrigerant Volume, is a highly effective, high quality type of system that offers a great way to manage the temperature of large areas. VRV air conditioning systems are so effective that they can provide comfort to users over 100 metres away! A VRV system can provide air conditioning from 2 to 128 indoor units and have 17 types of indoor units to choose from. Depending on the design and access restrictions, this is all possible with only a single outdoor unit, so you can control a larger area of your building while using less physical space. Read the brochure

VRV air conditioning offers better control and higher efficiency for your home or business. You can choose which areas you want comfort and climate control over, reducing your energy bills by minimising waste. The VRV air conditioning systems are a great way to save space and money while maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round. If you want to take control of your living spaces, and reduce your power bills while taking up less space, choose a VRV air conditioning system from Apex Airconditioning today! If you want to find more about VRV air conditioning systems and whether they will suit your business, we’ll be happy to answer any questions or queries.