The Christmas holiday is approaching, which coincides with the summer season. As the days grow warmer, have you noticed your a/c unit struggling to keep your home cool as you wrap gifts, bake cookies, or decorate? Has the familiar hum of your a/c unit begun to include other sounds such as clanking or buzzing? It may be time for a tune-up, but what are some of the possible problems? Here are three common types of summer air conditioning repairs:

1. Cleaning Out Dust and Debris

Your a/c system will not run at optimum efficiency if there is dirt or other debris trapped within the unit or ductwork. Did your vents drop dust the first time you turned on the unit this summer, or does the air smell musty? Replacing the air filter and cleaning the unit may drastically improve air quality and flow. Cleaning the unit could be a do-it-yourself project, but you should consider having professional aircon maintenance done each year for the best results. Cooling systems that are in good shape will work better without spiking your electric bill.

2. Determining the Cause of Clanking or Buzzing

Knowing how your a/c sounds when it is working properly will help you identify any problems based on what you hear. If the system is running louder than usual or cycles on and off constantly, it may be old or overworked. If you hear any clanking or buzzing, there may be a loose piece of equipment such as a screw inside. Unfortunately, unwanted sounds could also indicate an issue with the fan or motor, but a specialised technician will be able to quickly identify the problem.

3. Repairing Leaks

During an inspection, an a/c technician will look over all aspects of your unit, including motor wear and the amount and type of refrigerant. They can also measure airflow and test for leaks. Sealing off leaks and drafts may help solve or avoid following problems:

  • Inflated electric bills as compared to the same time last summer
  • Units that continually cycle on and off
  • Homes that never cool completely
  • Shorter a/c unit lifespans due to overworked systems

 Whether or not you have already noticed problems with your a/c system this summer, scheduling an inspection for air conditioning repairs now will help ensure your unit stays in good working order all season long. Contact Apex Airconditioning in Sydney at (02) 9559 6108 today for peace of mind over the holidays!