If you have ever had your quiet work day interrupted by the sudden rattling of the air conditioner in your office, you know the amount of worrying that ensues. Especially if that rattle is followed by your ac expelling hot breeze in the middle of a hot summer day. There are a lot of things that could have and should have been done in the long months leading up to the day that rattle sound was heard; things that could have saved you the stress and the hassle of fixing the problem in the heat (literally and figuratively speaking) of the moment. That sound along with a bunch of other subtle signs might be clues that your ac is in need of service.

So, what are those signs you need to look out for?

  • For starters, if your AC has not been serviced for up to a year, you need to make that call and schedule maintenance as soon as possible. The AC may not be squeaking or showing any physical signs of wear and tear but one year is too long for it to go without maintenance.
  • If you begin to hear unusual noises from your air conditioner, it is due for a tune-up. ACs have the regular sounds that they make when they are coming on or shutting down. Anything outside this is unusual especially if you have never heard those sounds before. Don’t wait to be told. You need to contact aircon maintenance stat!
  • Bad odours traced to your air conditioner is also a very good clue that something fishy (pun intended) is going on with it. Crossing your fingers in the hope that the smell would just go away on its own is only going to complicate things as the problem could be anything from a dead rodent in your vent to an accumulation of dirt.
  •  Another clue to a possibly faulty ac is if you start experiencing water leaks around your air conditioner. Again, if you notice this, do not hesitate to contact your local aircon service company. These leaks could go on to cause structural damage to your facility if ignored.

Air conditioners like everything in life need a maintenance schedule to remain in tiptop shape all year round. You should not have to wait until you start experiencing any of the signs listed here before you call in maintenance. Doing otherwise could compromise the functionality of your air conditioner, cause faults that would lead to expensive repairs that are completely preventable and in some cases, it could damage your air conditioner completely. Air conditioning maintenance is something that should be carried out at least once a year.

The once a year maintenance schedule is just a standard precaution as there are a few factors that could determine how frequent those schedules should be. Factors like the type of business that you run, the type of AC that you use as well as the age of the system you are using are some of the things that inform your maintenance schedule.

It might be tempting to get on the net and Google DIY solutions that you can attempt on your own but your bid to cut corners and save cost might end up costing you even more. The ideal solution? Contact the professionals at Apex.

Apex Airconditioning has a team of experienced professionals and a track record of excellence. Our maintenance programs cover several aircon services such as routine cleaning, air filter replacement, calibration among other things.

At Apex, our primary objective to make life as easy as possible for our clients.

Our regularly scheduled repair and maintenance service would ensure that;

  1.       You get reliable results every time we are called on
  2.       You get a speedy response in case of an emergency
  3.       Your ACs stay in good condition for longer
  4.       You avoid unnecessary repairs thus saving you money
  5.       You enjoy in-house discounts

When called on, we arrive promptly to get to the root of the problem and proffer quick and effective resolution to the problem at hand. Clients who sign up for any of our maintenance service packages enjoy customised solutions that are suited for their budget and the needs of their company. 

To enjoy all of these benefits and more, contact the team at Apex Airconditioning and book in your ac unit’s annual service.