The smooth day-to-day operation of a business is a major key to productivity. Business owners, therefore, have to make decisions that will boost workplace production and efficiency. One of the major responsibilities of a business owner is to ensure that commercial air conditioning is an integral part of its operations and there should be scheduled routine maintenance of the company’s HVAC system.

A malfunctioning HVAC system is not conducive to a healthy work environment and its best to see address minor issues before they create bigger problems.

What is HVAC?

HVAC is a shortened form of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This system provides cooling and heating services to a building. It is currently one of the industry’s standard requirements when constructing new buildings.

Your HVAC unit can malfunction because of several issues. If you experience any of the following issues, this is a cause for concern and you need to call in the professionals to fix the problem.
· strange sounds,
· fluctuating temperatures,
· poor indoor air quality
· sudden rise in costs for heating and cooling
· inefficient system

When your HVAC system malfunctions your business will be affected. You can prevent AC related problems at your business office by calling Apex Airconditioning to help – they can install a new HVAC unit and perform maintenance when you need it.

Here are five ways a faulty system can affect productivity

1. Poor Air Quality
This can affect employees’ performance. When employees begin to complain about musty air in a building then its time to call in a qualified HVAC technician to check the system.
Employers are responsible for their employees while in their workspace. This includes the quality of working conditions and the air they must breathe in while on the clock. Inadequate air supply in an office building can greatly affect the productivity of the work environment and employees. It is in the best interest of the employer to keep their HVAC Unit working properly to maintain productivity and top performance at the office. If any issues are noticed by employees or employers, you should act immediately and have them handled by qualified AC technicians. If the air quality is faulty then performance and productivity at the workplace will be put at risk.

2. Customer Comfort
Commercial Air Conditioning is a necessary component for buildings engaged in commercial activities including retail stores and law offices among others. Customers and clients are easily deterred when commercial properties are too-cold or too-hot. Business hours will be more productive when the environment is comfortable and pleasant for both customers and clients.

3. Financial Savings
Your business needs to have an efficient cooling and heating system that helps to save on energy costs. When your system is well-maintained it is less likely that it will malfunction. An efficient AC unit can reduce and prevent unnecessary expenses.

4. Productivity
A working environment that is productive is one where workers are comfortable; free from extreme humidity or chilly drafts. With an adequately working HVAC system, you are minimising the risks of complete system breakdowns, which can result in serious stoppages in productivity. If your business operations are interrupted by technological malfunctions and repair calls then you will ultimately suffer from big losses over time. Apex Air Conditioning technicians can help to boost the productivity of your workplace by providing a comfortable environment where workers are not distracted.

5. Health Risks
A malfunctioning AC unit can lead to fluctuating temperatures. An inefficient system will deliver uneven airflow which will cause areas of your building space to have different temperatures. Where employees are experiencing extreme temperatures in different work areas it is highly likely that this will affect their health.

This problem is usually caused by cracks in the ductwork, which create an irregular distribution of airflow. These cracks can lead to possible health risks among workers because they let off tiny bits of fibreglass installation into the air and when workers breathe these in, it can lead to respiratory problems.

The air ducts connected to the system can become clogged with tiny particles of dust, rodent droppings and mould spores. These can create allergens, which can pose a health risk to employees. Scheduled maintenance can eliminate these issues.

Importance of Scheduled HVAC Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is the best way to prevent your HVAC system from breaking down. It is crucial to have maintenance work done before winter and summer begin. Call in your professional AC unit company and ensure that proper repair work is done. To learn more about improving your business’ ac unit contact the team at Apex Airconditioning. They can install new AC units and repair and replace faulty parts.