When the threat of extreme temperatures looms, your air conditioning unit is there to save your workplace. During the hot and humid season, you want your unit to be at its very best. Once it breaks down during the peak of the heat, it can be stressful for you and your entire workforce. The air conditioning unit’s efficiency creates a more comfortable setting to withstand high temperatures.

To get the most out of your unit, here are some tips:

Be Fans of Your Fan

Fans are low-cost cooling solutions.  If your work area has ceiling or floor fans, turn these up as well to cool you down. Fans aid in distributing the air evenly from your air conditioning unit. Ceiling fans don’t lower room temperature; it creates a wind-chill effect on your skin, making you feel the cold anywhere.

Fans consume lower energy levels compared to air conditioners. These help you resist the urge of turning down your thermostat, which saves money. Always turn fans off when not in use.

Shed Some Shade

AC units work best when placed away from sunlit spaces. Direct sunlight causes the room to rise in temperature and units placed in such situations fail to work best. Purchase thick curtains or blinds for your office  to block those stubborn rays. These can reduce the heat inside a space, therefore allowing your commercial AC units to work efficiently.

Regular Maintenance

Every piece of office equipment is subject to wear and tear when used regularly; commercial AC units are no exception. Filthy filters are the common triggers of unit problems so you may want to check on them routinely. Cleaning filters enable units to avoid icing situations that lead to unit break down.

If you use your unit regularly, have it checked at least 4 times a year. Maintain your coolant gas levels. If there are gas leaks, the unit is pressured to work harder to maintain temperatures, leading cooling disabilities.

To know more about how you can maximise your commercial AC unit’s efficiency, feel free to contact us.