Central air conditioning systems are the units that provide the most optimum air cooling needs for homes and offices alike. Without regular maintenance and cleaning, cooling units will fail to perform up to par with their capacity.

With proper and dutiful maintenance, air conditioning units should last and cool your home or office space for a lifetime. Remember to exercise caution, however. When working on air conditioners, both the condenser and the evaporator assembly should be switched off.

Regularly change the air filter

Make it a point to change the filters every few months to be sure that airborne impurities do not compromise the air conditioning unit’s integrity.

Keep the vents clean

Regular dusting is a necessity for air conditioning units to remain in tip-top shape. Impurities and debris can adversely affect an air conditioning system’s capacity to cool.

Free the condenser from obstruction

The condenser is the part of the air conditioning system that sucks in the air. If improperly placed, this can keep the entire system from operating at optimum levels.

Maintain adequate Freon levels

While this generally would not be a cause for concern, leaks may spring up and cause vital coolant to leak. The presence of leaks can prevent your system from cooling your roomsadequately.

Keep in mind, however, that you cannot do everything,no matter how handy you are. Consulting the professionals like our team here at Apex Air Conditioning can ensure you maximise your air conditioning. Wewill check the Freon levels and help you get the job done. Our professional technicians can check the rest of the air conditioning unit’s parts. We will make sure to check everything, from the coils to the electrical controls.

The best time to have an air conditioning unit serviced is when servicing is not actually needed yet. Remember that it will cost less to do this rather than wait for it to break down because of a lack of maintenance. Contact us to know more about how we can enhance your system’s efficiency.