There’s a reason Australia is known as the sunburnt country. As the summer months roll around, temperatures can swelter. While we love to relax at the beach and enjoy the sunshine, extremely hot weather can cause stress for our bodies and result in heat-related illnesses.

Here are a few risks to watch out for and ways to keep cool all summer long.

Reasons to keep cool


Dehydration is one of the most dangerous side effects of extreme heat. When our bodies become too hot, they regulate naturally by sweating. If we don’t drink enough fluids during warm days, it causes a decrease in sweat production. This decrease means our bodies become overheated, which can lead to other heat-related illnesses.

Heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a result of an overheated body. Because the summer sun can cause our body temperatures to rise, it’s especially important to be on the lookout for symptoms of heat exhaustion. Symptoms include heavy sweating, rapid pulse and dizziness. If you encounter any of these symptoms, be sure to drink plenty of fluid and cool down your body with a cold shower or bath.


Even though sunburn is caused by sunrays rather than heat, it’s still a risk during hot summer months. Sunburn can damage your skin and lead to lasting effects, so it’s important to be aware of sun exposure, even if you’re not heading to the beach. Always use sunscreen whenever you’re outdoors and stay in the shade when possible. Avoiding too much sun exposure will keep you feeling refreshed and healthy.

Heat stroke

Heat stroke is one of the most severe heat-related illnesses. Symptoms include high body temperature, nausea, confusion and losing consciousness, and they shouldn’t be ignored. Heat stroke can be serious, so always call emergency services if you suspect someone around you has heat stroke.

Tips for staying cool

Put water first

The first step in staying cool and hydrated this summer is to put water first. Be sure to carry water with you at all times to combat dehydration, and try placing water bottles in the freezer for a burst of cool right when you need it.

Stay in the shade

Avoiding the sun on hot days is key to keeping cool. This might mean staying indoors on summer’s hottest afternoons, but if you can’t help going outside, try to find a shady area. Shady spots can be several degrees cooler than sunny ones, so you’re sure to be cool and comfortable.

Exercise in the evening

It’s best to limit strenuous physical activity on hot days, but if you must exercise, make sure it’s during the coldest time of day. Early mornings and evenings are best to avoid that midday swelter, but an air-conditioned gym is even better to prevent overheating.

Keep it light

Choosing lightweight clothing can do wonders on a scorching afternoon. Breathable fabrics like cotton will allow air to move through the material instead of trapping hot air near your skin. Wearing light colours like white and grey can also help reflect the sun to keep you even cooler.

Invest in air conditioning

If there’s one thing that’ll keep you cool above all else, it’s air conditioning. If your home heats up from the scorching sun, try installing a split system air conditioner to ensure your home stays comfortable even during the hottest months.

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