Many Australians usually bring out their ugg boots and thermal clothes during this time of the year. Lately, however, relentless heat has made that almost impossible. Record-breaking temperatures have been recorded all over the country, particularly in Sydney where beachgoers are benefitting from the extend summer.

The unprecedented heatwave can catch anyone off-guard, though. To make the most of the unusually warm weather, take a look at some of the things you can do:

Clear all Vents

You want air to circulate around your house as efficiently possible. You can do this by clearing any obstruction from your vents. Run your AC and observe whether the blown air gets circulated. Check the grilles as they may be blocked by accumulated dust and dirt.

Cover Up Windows

Windows play a huge part in making your homes cool. Do not let too much natural light to flood in your house. In this case, blinds and shades come in handy, especially when it is becoming too hot in your house. Plus, some blind systems allow you to adjust the amount of shade when you want some illumination.

Stay Downstairs

If you have a two-storey house or a basement, you can stay downstairs to keep cool, as these areas have less humidity. You can even choose to sleep there as well to save energy altogether. Just remember to stay hydrated, to maintain your body temperature.

Prepare for Winter

While it is tempting to suspend all winter preparations because of the heat, it still pays to take this chance to ensure your home is ready for winter. Simple things such as inspecting your roof for any structural damage can do a lot. It is the best time to replace your old HVAC system with a new one. Split system air conditioners, for instance, can help you stay cool and still save on expenses.

As winter season slowly approaches, it is best not to be caught unprepared. At Apex Airconditioning, we can deliver premium AC solutions for any season. We provide quality HVAC installation, repair and maintenance services. Trust us to make your home more comfortable with our high-performance AC units. Get in touch with us to know more about products and services.