They function differently from fans but both the air conditioning unit and the fan aim towards making the indoors in your office comfortable. One benefit commercial air conditioning units have over fans is that they prove useful during all periods of the year. They serve to keep the environment cool in summer and warm in winter, and in between, they operate within the parametres you find comfortable for your office.

However, undoubtedly, the most significant benefit of air conditioning units is their energy efficiency. A good air conditioning unit can save you hundreds of dollars that you would otherwise pay in power bills, machine repair, and sometimes wasted hours by your uncomfortable employees. What then happens if the unit intended to save you money ends up costing you more than it should? How do you even recognise the situation? Below are five reasons you could be spending on air conditioning more than you need to:

  • Unclothed windows

Window screens that are mesh-like or solar screens intercept close to 70% of all the solar energy before it gets into the office. They are particularly useful if they are on windows facing east and west. Unclothed windows mean that your air conditioning system spends more trying to cool down a room during the day. If window screens do not appear appropriate for your office, go for window films, but whatever the case, cover the windows.

  • Inappropriate thermostat settings

As a general rule, set the thermostat to the lowest possible temperature that the office environment will still be comfortable. In the home, the recommended temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, but it could go more economical for the office. When leaving the workplace, let the thermostat setting go higher than 25. You could end up saving up to 15% on commercial air conditioning bills by leaving the thermostat temperatures high.

  • Dirt in the air conditioning system

Make a point to have the filters in the system regularly cleaned and changed. Air conditioners work by filtering bacteria and dust from the air. It is a given that the filters will clog with time. A clogged system is not effective, meaning that you might have to keep it on for longer to get the same effect as if it were cleaner.

  • The wrong air conditioning unit

You could follow all the guidelines in the conditioning unit manual. You could turn off lights in places that are not in use to reduce heat emissions, for example. You could even go the extra mile to look at office equipment such as old computers and printers and still get unreasonably high power bills. In such a case, there is a higher likelihood that the system you have is not right for your office. Always remember that when it comes to these units, bigger is not synonymous with better. You can avoid a lot of financial outlay by getting the right system. Always go for equipment with Energy Guide and Energy Star labels, and cross check with your technician.

  • Inadequate insulation

One way to save on power bills is to have the office insulated so that the demand on your commercial air conditioning system is reduced. Additionally, it could be that the ducts in your air conditioner unit are not protected. As such, there will be a lot of waste as these ducts transport air to perform the cooling and warming functions of the unit.

How Apex Airconditioning can help to make your office energy efficient

At Apex, our highly-trained technicians walk with you through your journey. We help you to pick the best air conditioning unit for your office, install it and maintain it regularly for you. However, we can come in at any stage. For example, if you only need an efficiency test for your system and repair services, Apex comes to your aid. We are all about giving you quality service that you can rely on.

To learn more about how Apex Airconditioning can help you maximise your office air con, contact us today!