It takes more than just size and constant cooling for air conditioners to give the room temperature. Often, homeowners fall prey to certain beliefs about home cooling that are not nearly as efficient as they think they are.

Here are some common mistakes homeowners make regarding air conditioners that you need to avoid now:

  • Installing Too Large a Unit

One of the biggest misconceptions about air conditioners is that bigger is always better. This is overkill and is simply is not the case. Oversized units will fail to reduce humidity levels and give off uniform temperatures. Make certain to get just the right size.

  • Hiding the Airconditioner

Hiding Airconditioning units behind plants, appliances or other obstructions is more common than you might think. While air conditioning units may not be the most ornamental appliance, it is important to not make the mistake of placing them behind other objects.

  • Misplacing the Unit

Misplacing the unit can cause it to work inefficiently, especially if you put it in a hot spot in the house. It will cause the unit to work harder to compensate for the high temperature around it.

  • Foregoing Maintenance

Ignore the basic maintenance requirements of your air conditioners, and you are more likely to pay the price when problems pop up in your unit at the most inopportune times. Make sure to clean or replace your unit’s filters one every two months. Increase this if you use your unit constantly.

  • Prolonged Use

Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving their air conditioning units on for the whole day. Not only does this overwork your unit, it can rack up the bill on energy consumption. To remedy this, you can use a programmable thermostat or timer. It is a low-cost and more energy efficient alternative.

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