Regardless of where you are, a healthy and comfortable environment is the key to a strong wellbeing. Imagine a place where comfort, safety, and health are the three main concerns. That’s exactly what happens when you invest in equipment from Apex Airconditioning. Our newest partner, Steril-Aire, the global leader in high-output ultraviolet germicidal solutions, is all you need to improve your indoor air quality and boost energy efficiency.

Read on to know what Steril-Aire can do for you.

Commercial Properties

Steril-Aire can maximise your ROI and support your bottom line goals by reducing your HVAC costs, decreasing water usage, and improving air quality. With this solution, you can expect increased property values and reduced liabilities. You will also see improved employee satisfaction and productivity.

Schools and organisations

A healthy school and organisation is essential. Good air quality means healthier students, instructors, and administrators. Steril-Aire’s ultraviolet germicidal solution for your school’s HVAC can protect your building, your students, and the entire staff while reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption. This improves your ROI and provides a healthier environment.


Steril-Aire’s UVC makes an essential contribution to IAQ improvement, reducing complaints and employee absenteeism. By getting rid of the source of contamination, Steril-Aire can help reduce the spread of airborne contaminants and chemical use, making industrial workplaces healthy and boosting productivity.

Residential properties

Steril-Aire’s germicidal UVC solution can reduce the major source of airborne bacteria, viruses, and mould. You and your family will be safe from airborne diseases knowing your household is cleaner, while lowering energy consumption and embracing a greener household solution.


When you work with Apex Airconditioning and Steril-Aire, you can protect your building, your patients, and staff while still reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. In fact, our health care customers have reduced hospital acquired infections, cross-contamination, direct and third-party costs, and reduced hospital liability.

UVC is a powerful tool for reducing the spread of unhealthy contaminants. From reducing consumption costs to improving air quality, UVC solutions pay measurable dividends to your bottom line. Call us now for your free site inspection!