As the temperature levels start to drop with the arrival of autumn, it’s a perfect time for an air conditioning maintenance or installation. In preparation for the warmer months, this season is an ideal time of the year to prep your home for the period when a colder indoor climate is more desirable.

If you’re planning to upgrade your existing unit or have a new system installed, the most important question you should answer is which type is perfect for your home. There are a number of factors you should consider: the lifestyle of your family, indoor space and structural design of the house. Among all t these considerations, the energy efficiency of the system is paramount. The less electricity your system requires to operate, the more you can cut down your energy bills all year long.

Ducted System

This is system allows equal distribution of warm and cool air throughout the house. Ducted air conditioning systems have a flexible design, which can work in several zones around the property. This means you can choose which area it could cool depending on the time of the day. With a ducted system, your AC doesn’t have to operate for every room, which leads to lower power consumption.

Split System

This versatile system can be installed in practically any room around the house. All it needs is a simple wiring connection between the indoor and outdoor units—no complicated ductwork required. In this setup, split air conditioners can make improve the indoor climate of rooms faster with less electricity.

Inverter System

The innovative technology of an inverter system is dubbed to decrease energy consumption by up to 30% as compared to traditional units. With the way it smoothly increases and decreases power, it allows you to achieve your desired temperature in a much quicker fashion.

Energy cost is the price you have to pay for the grand feeling of comfort air conditioners deliver. Be smart with your choice and use the autumn season to have the perfect AC system at home.

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