When the heat of summer arrives, you and your family need a reliable air conditioner to create a cool and comfortable environment that provides you with relief from the heat. When it comes to air conditioners, there are a variety of options and sizes available to suit all types of homes and businesses. Whether you need commercial or residential air conditioning installation, one of our professionals here at Apex Air Conditioning can help you.

Commercial Air Conditioning: Sydney

When it comes to commercial air conditioning, one of our professionals can ensure you have a properly configured, sized, and installed system that you can rely on for many years. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with the following expert services:

  • Consultation & Design: Through years of experience and an expert understanding of technology and products, Apex technicians can provide you with a detailed analysis of your space. This analysis includes a professional design and recommendations to create an energy efficient and reliable commercial air conditioning system.
  • Choosing the Right Brand: There are several great brands that have a track record of reliability and quality, but understanding which make and model is right for your needs can be difficult. Our professional commercial air conditioning technicians can provide suggestions that meet your needs in terms of size, output, efficiency, and more.
  • Professional Installation: The installation and configuration of your commercial air conditioner is important to its lifespan and performance. A commercial air conditioner that’s improperly installed and configured can actually increase your energy bills and reduce the life of the unit itself. Our technicians here at Apex Air Conditioning have been installing commercial air conditioners for decades and as a result have encountered many unique obstacles and problems that need professional attention. They will professionally install your commercial air conditioner according to the manufacturer’s specifications, while taking your home structure and layout into account.
  • Ongoing Air Conditioning Maintenance: Once your commercial air conditioner is installed, it’s important to ensure that it’s properly maintained. An annual appointment with a professional commercial air conditioning company is the best way to ensure your air conditioner is ready for the summer, and to address any small issues that could later potentially lead to the breakdown of your unit.

Make an appointment with us today to ensure your commercial HVAC system is properly designed and the air conditioner is installed and configured according to the manufacturer’s specifications. For more information about commercial air conditioning, contact us online or by telephone at: 02 9559 6108.