Keeping a comfortable place to live and work in is a must for everybody. Wide, open spaces can help, but it will be better if you get an air conditioning system that functions well. This way, you can all remain in cosy coolness, especially when your workplace is in full operation.

There are different types of systems you can arrange for your own facility. A rooftop unit, for example, can be enough to cool indoor air to a comfortable level. You’ll also need to find out if installing a centralised system is better than using split air conditioners. Air quality technicians recommend a central system for office buildings doing desk work only. A customised ventilation method will fit those in the industrial setting.

Apex Air Conditioning can provide the commercial system you need for your workplace. Our technicians will check out your facilities and see how we can improve indoor comfort levels. We’ll also give advice about the following types of commercial air conditioning structures:

Rooftop Units

The size of your building partly determines the type of air conditioning system you need. Large buildings that are more than five to seven floors need a roofing unit for more efficient cooling. These can be designed to keep all the components for your heating and cooling equipment. The air handler mechanism will circulate the heated and cooled air through the ductwork inside your offices.

Split Cooling Units

Not all buildings do well with centralised air conditioning. Many people prefer to set their own temperatures, which makes split air conditioners a good choice. Different types of indoor units are available for specific needs. A split-zoning system in each enclosed space, for example, features an air handler you can control from other rooms. This ensures individualized comfort for each occupant’s needs.

Energy-Efficient Systems

It’s better to have an energy-efficient system that will sustain your building without using too much power. Chilled beam systems make a suitable alternative for other energy-consuming solutions. Pipes of water pass through a beam or a heat exchanger that refrigerates the water around it. Once the cold air goes down, air warmed by the steam radiator below moves up. This convection system can help you keep the temperature in your building cosy, while maintaining reasonably-priced operating costs.

Cooling down your commercial offices doesn’t need to be costly or wasteful. Check out the different ways you can save on your air conditioning needs while remaining comfortable. Contact Apex Air Conditioning at +61-02-9559-6108 for more information. Our technicians will explain the systems we install, so you can decide on the best one to use.