As an owner or operator of a commercial property, there are a lot you can learn from the Chinese. They keep a tight ship and they rarely take their feet off the gas. Whenever they can make the most of their resources, they get on with it. Most importantly, they know the value of hard work. Adapt to their ways, and it is possible for your business to take the next level.

Yet, it is not just about the values to the Chinese executives. In Hong Kong, they want to ensure their customers do not get hot at any moment. For that reason, they turn the air conditioning to 11 and keep it chilly in the mall. Very chilly, as the temperature plummets to 58°F at its coldest. Hong Kong is not particularly warm, but they know it is what keeps customers happy.

Learning the Virtue, Not the Act

Apex Airconditioning advises you to hold off turning the AC’s knob. A system running on the lowest temperature all day will wreck your utility bill and the environmental footprint will be immense. Environmental and energy ministries know themselves that such a use of energy is a waste, and keeping the temperature cool and stable would suffice.

Instead, learn the value behind the action: give your customers the best service. In terms of air conditioning, make sure it is running efficiently all day. When it needs maintenance service, get one in time just so you can continue your operations.

Repair/Replace Conundrum

Your air conditioner has to move forward, just like everything in your establishment. It is good if you bought a good batch before and your air conditioner is still performing as it is. But we urge clients to replace deficient units. Running them is much costlier, especially as you will be maxing out the all knobs just to get adequate cooling.

It is a good thing that Apex Airconditioning carries all the top brands, such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi and more. We also provide consultation and installation.

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