Not Just for Comfort: How AC Units Prevent Interior Damage

We’ve long associated air conditioners with comfort, but not everyone knows how these can help protect a property from damage. There’s more to AC units than just keeping the home cool; these help deter certain elements that can ruin your interiors.

Here are some of the problems that proper AC ventilation can help solve:

Mould Growth

Musty smell, rusty spots, and ruined furnishings –  these are the damages you’ll have to deal with when mould takes over your space. Mould thrives on stale air and damp surfaces. Without proper ventilation, you only increase the likelihood of spore generation in your space. AC units are designed with air filters to maintain air quality and prevent tiny spores from circulating. These keep the home dry and cool during summer, which is the peak season for mould growth.

Lower Humidity

An enclosed space without air conditioning often has higher humidity levels than one with a running AC unit. When the windows and doors are sealed, air movement becomes restricted and humidity levels rise. This creates the perfect environment for moulds to thrive. AC units prevent humidity levels from spiralling out of control. These cool the space, reduce the moisture in the air, and lower humidity to optimum levels for your space.

Calcium Buildups

Mould growth is not the only problem you need to deal with when humidity levels exceed 70 percent. When humidity and temperature rise, there is an increase amount of carbon dioxide in the space. This can lead to condensation and calcium buildup. These deposits can cause permanent damage to your walls and interiors if not removed immediately. By installing AC units, you can maintain temperature and humidity at proper levels to prevent calcium buildup.

With an air conditioning unit, you can avoid costly repairs brought by damaged interiors. Get in touch with Apex Air Conditioning for more insights on how cooling units can benefit your home.