Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to climate control systems. This is why, for many Australian families, choosing the best unit is a hard thing to do. They are spoilt with choices, from energy-saving types to units fit for large families.

Among the popular AC types, one has been proven to be reliable as well as cost-effective. Fully-ducted reverse cycle system can bring the level of comfort your family needs and helps you save on utility costs. But if you want to make full use of what ducted reverse cycle systems can give, you must have a good handle about them.

As a leading provider of high-quality air conditioning and heating system, we know just how important it is to understand how your unit operates. If you do, you can save more and be more comfortable.

Here is how they work:

Dual Roles

As its name implies, the unit has a reversed refrigeration cycle. It can alternate between expelling out cold air to produce heat and vice versa. With a touch of a button, you can change the way your system works. This is ideal for families that require different temperature to each area anytime of the day.

Ducted Functionality

The ducted system provides equal distribution and circulation of warm or cold to your home thanks to its design. Each system comprises of two units – one outside the property and another installed indoors. A fan distributes the air which goes through the ductworks distributed to each room. The air then circulates back to a central point then out to the unit installed outdoors.

Energy Consumption

The AC units also help you save on energy expenses. This is because you can set a different thermostat set point during daytime and nighttime. If the weather becomes too cold during the night, you can easily lower the settings without consuming much energy. The unit does not change mechanical operations entirely; it merely alters what kind of air it produces.

Ducted reverse cycle AC units are now a common sight to many Australian household. If you still do not have one, contact us now to learn more about it.