In dry countries like Australia, humidity is the biggest threat to commercial establishments. Buildings need to maintain an ideal temperature for better business and conducive work environment for your employees. Having poor ventilation and a high level of humidity can affect your staff’s productivity and turn off customers.

Air-conditioning units is the key to have a favourable environment. Here at Apex Air Conditioning, we understand your need to invest on cooling systems to build a good name for your business. Our customised commercial air conditioning designs can help you maintain comfort and keep everyone’s health in check within your interior premises.

To help you find the suitable system for your establishment, here are best features an air conditioning unit should have:

Multiple Controls

Controllable comfort is the greatest advantage of air conditioners. It gives you the power to set your indoor temperature that can give you comfort. Multi-split ACs let you to control temperature in the many rooms at all once. Multi-split air conditioners have a remote and a centralised control that can help you adjust the indoor temperature in many ways.

Efficient Cleaning System

The automatic cleaning system of our AC units can help halt the growth of microbes and allergens. This feature allows you to dry wet surfaces indoors and prevent bacteria and moulds from breeding. You can reduce the risks of respiratory illnesses and allergies by stopping the spread of these harmful organisms.

Dropping the level of humidity by at least below 50 per cent can eliminate bad odour. This can help you reduce moisture in all corners of the building. Realise that harmful organisms love damp surfaces like carpets, as wet conditions help them multiply fast. An AC unit that has this feature allows you to keep your establishment clean and sweet smelling.

Fast Cooling Ability

Get an AC model that regulates cool and warm air fast. This feature allows you to fight off humidity quickly and keep a suitable temperature in all areas evenly. You can enjoy a much better airflow indoors and get an escape from excessive heat outside.

Stylish Design

Have an air conditioning system that would blend in with your interior design. AC units don’t have to look like a piece of appliance in your establishment. Benefit from the stylish designs of our cooling systems to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your interior. There are AC models that can balance the look of your rooms. Look for all of these features when having your customised cooling solution for your business. For consultation with your design, visit us at