An air-conditioning unit keeps your home comfortable and neutralises the humidity levels to prevent the thriving of certain allergens. But, we admit that having one in the house can incur high energy bills. Cooling equipment usually takes more than 40 percent of your energy bills.

You can avoid shelling out a large amount of money to settle energy bills. All you need to do is to be practical with the use of the cooling appliance. Below, we’ve listed some tips on how to cut down your energy bills without compromising comfort.

The Right Air-Conditioner

Buying the right cooling unit offers long-term benefits. Whether you want a centralised air-conditioner or a small unit, make sure to buy a unit with an Energy Star mark. Energy Star appliances are designed to use more than 10% less energy. More importantly, units with this grade work efficiently and have a long lifespan.

The Settings

Tweak the cooling settings of your air-conditioning unit, especially if you’re using a centralised air-conditioner. For instance, you can install a programmable thermostat to set the air-conditioner to the temperature that matches the environment or the number of people in the room.  Since it’s cold during the night, you can adjust the settings in a way that the air-conditioner won’t get overworked.

Upkeep and Maintenance

A dirty air conditioner may get exhausted and inefficient, as it works hard to expel the dirt. When it comes to maintenance, you need to check first the air filter. Clean it at least once a month and replace it every three months. Ask a pro to conduct a checkup if it has problems that prevent it from working efficiently. Checkups should be done once a year.


You can schedule the usage of the air-conditioner in a day. Install ceiling fans, so you have something to use to cool yourself down in cases you want to turn the air-conditioner off. You may also improve the home’s insulation to maximise the cold.

Don’t let the fear of incurring high expenses prevent you from getting an air-conditioner. When it comes to this, work with the experts. Contact us today if you need help in choosing the right air-conditioner.