Contrary to public knowledge, Freon is a patented brand, not the actual product. It is a refrigerant, and we owe much to this non-flammable gas. From people who enjoy the cold comfort of air conditioners daily to the HVAC contractors themselves, many enjoy the role of refrigerant in AC units.

It is the sole reason that cooling systems blow cold air, not because the unit filters the cold air outside, gathers it and send it indoors. That is the juvenile way of thinking, and if you are paying for your utilities, you can use some knowledge about how your AC creates cold air.

The Cycle of Cool

Your AC, whether single, split-type or centralised, employs some fluids to help with the cooling process. There are oils and refrigerant liquid. The former’s job is to lubricate the compressor inside the unit when it compresses gaseous refrigerant. This compression converts the gas into liquid; the process itself makes the refrigerant very hot.

The unit itself is also capable of taking water off the air to cool it down after the refrigerant cycle. Both these things repeat itself every day to cool the room. When the AC is less effective, it could be either of these things. It means that you need to have that all-important maintenance. We suggest you get it as soon as possible so as not to strain your AC unit.

CFC Concerns

Chlorofluorocarbon or CFC, as you probably know, are present in certain refrigerants. While CFCs are one of the many causes of environmental problems, those in a refrigerant is the least harmful. More than anything, this should prompt you to hire a professional HVAC contractor to ensure competent handling of refrigerant recharging. You do not want to release any more of those in the atmosphere.

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