When the air conditioning unit breaks down every so often, most homeowners face a dilemma deciding whether to repair or replace the unit. We understand that it’s difficult to settle on a decision when you don’t know the important considerations you need to take.

To help you make the best choice, we’ve listed the three most important factors you should pay attention to.

Life Span

Consider the age of the equipment. Most AC units operate efficiently up to a maximum of 12 years. Beyond this time period, the unit becomes prone to system failures and the repairs are most likely expensive. For homeowners who live in the coastal areas, the life expectancy of the AC unit is shorter because of the humidity that may cause corrosion. If your unit has been running for 8 to 12 years, don’t resort to repairs. It’s best to replace and upgrade to energy-efficient AC units as this is the more cost-effective solution.

System Performance and Efficiency

For problems, such as low refrigerant, frozen coils, or strange noises that affect the system performance and ability to cool the room, you can choose to get professional repair services. But if these system issues frequently happen, replacing air conditioning units is the option. Remember that older units are also less efficient and repairing them will not increase system performance.

Current Condition

Inspect the present condition of the system—quality of the unit, number of system failures and the frequency of repairs and maintenance. If the AC hasn’t been maintained for a long time, it’s likely that there are parts that need repairs. For units that have inferior quality, choose replacement and go for energy-efficient AC units.

To ensure that your existing AC is in good, working condition, contact us for air conditioning maintenance and repair services. If you think replacing is the best option for you, we can assist in installing your new units.