A lot of people agree with the benefits of air conditioning. When it comes to the office, you get quiet stares by business people who are unsure whether they want to increase the costs of production or the expenses of offering their service. The truth of the matter is that air conditioning comes in handy in the office as well. It helps to:

  • Get cooler rooms faster

Air conditioning systems are designed to be efficient. With a simple system comprising of a fan and compressor, the room temperatures will be kept cool at all times during the hot season. In winter, your rooms get warmer faster too. What is more, the air flow is controlled meaning that the temperatures will be evenly distributed around the room.

  • Quiet offices with low carbon footprints

A well-installed system will be able to cool the room without any vibration or noise so that you will only feel the difference, not hear it. In the process, there will be a low output of carbon and hence a small carbon footprint. Who does not want to contribute to saving the environment?

It is important to notice that the air conditioning system is often one of the most neglected in offices. People often forget to enrol the services of a commercial air con service because, they figure, why mess with a working system? The idea is that if the office is cool, so are they. However, when doing fit-outs or office renovations, it is essential to deal with the air conditioning system as well.

Benefits of updating the air conditioning system during renovations or new fitouts

  • Energy efficiency

Regular updates to the air conditioning system allow you to include features that improve energy efficiency. Whether it is the economy mode, Wi-Fi control, or self-cleaning features, there is always a way to save more on the power bills. For example, sensors allow the system to go to energy saving mode when the room is empty for a pre-set time.

  • Improving air filter systems

Like with energy efficiency technology, air filter technology is also growing. You can now get systems that target all possible dangers from bacterial spores to bad odours. Advanced filters help keep your employees safe from respiratory diseases associated with contaminated air.

  • Proper sizing

Even if the system your office had before was not failing, a commercial air con service can still help you do an upgrade. It could be that the system had low capacity and was thereby unable to service the office. Perhaps it was alright at the beginning before an office extension. An update will allow you to get a system that is the correct size for your office.

  • Controlling your controllers

In an ideal world, controllers would have the same settings. There would be no more problems dealing with large space office systems. As it is, there are ordinarily many controllers operating different units. An air conditioning system update will allow you to have one central control and assign the responsibility to an employee.

How Apex Airconditioning can help

Apex Airconditioning can help you to choose the right air conditioning system for your office or business. Our team will make use of their expertise and forward-looking, technology savvy technicians to recommend technological updates that will improve the energy efficiency and filter systems of your space.

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