It is true; there has been a lot of talk about going green and reducing the carbon footprint. When it comes to it, people, some of whom have already made their homes environmentally friendly, find it difficult to translate that to the office. In reality, the office provides numerous opportunities for the endeavour. The most obvious reason you would want to go green, besides saving the environment is to save energy.

It could be with something as simple as adjusting the lighting system for the office or as big as getting someone to do commercial air con repairs; it does not matter. It is a doable task. Going green allows you to create a sustainable office. Consequently, it improves the quality of life for your employees and ricochets to the community around you.  Here are six ways that you can turn your office environment-friendly:

  • Manage office waste effectively

If your office does not have a recycling bin, that is an excellent place to start. You can have your employers trained to separate different types of waste. It helps if the respective containers are labelled so that recyclables, for example, go to one place and food to another. Food scraps can be disposed of in a way that allows them to provide fuel. By separating waste, you reduce the amount that ends up in landfills.

  • Inject some life into the indoors space

Yes, a flower bed at the gate leading to the office is alright; it looks good too. However, you can make the indoors of the office vibrant as well by having potted plants. Such plants help to clean the air inside and improve the general feel of the office. Besides, plants will enhance any desk!

  • Do away with the printer or print smart

A paperless office is way better regarding the environment; there is less waste to deal with, for starters. Therefore, if you can switch to cloud-based software for all your records, it would be a step closer to having a green office. However, it may be impossible for all offices to get rid of paper, in which case, you can try printing on both sides of the paper. Inquire also to know whether your current printing materials supplier has green supplies.

  • Use eco-friendly office cleaning supplies

For the cleaning needs of your office, consider investing in non-toxic, eco-friendly and all natural materials. You can watch out for labels such as ‘phosphate free’ or ‘90% biodegradable’ to direct you when shopping for office supplies. Safer and greener materials also tend to be ammonia and chlorine free.

  • Consider renewable energy

Solar and wind as green power sources are easily accessible. You can have a wind farm or a rooftop installation to harness solar power for your office. While the two may not be able to meet all the energy needs of the office, they are worth considering. Not only do you reduce how much you spend on electricity bills, but you also reduce the carbon footprint and can in some places benefit from government incentives.

  • Use energy efficient air conditioning

Another way to save on the power bills is to have commercial air con repairs for old systems and to have a new air conditioning system where there is not. Thanks to technology, there are new developments that allow offices to save even more power. For instance, you can have motion sensors that switch off the air conditioning system when the room is empty.

How Apex Airconditioning can help

Apex Airconditioning will advise you on the best air conditioning units for your office. Our team will swoop in when called upon to do regular maintenance for your system and to perform any commercial air con repairs. Our team of professionals will advise you on the best times to do a full system overhaul and let you know when there are new features in the market you might want.

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