Have you ever wondered how your office air conditioner works? Air conditioning units use refrigeration to cool the air in your office. The idea behind it is this; when a liquid turns to gas, it absorbs heat. The design of air conditioners is such that they exploit the conversion forcing chemical compounds to evaporate and condense over and over again within a system of coils. These compounds are called refrigerants.

Typically, refrigerants have properties that enable them to change form at low temperatures. The units then utilise fans that move warm air to the cold coils filled with the refrigerant. As a matter of fact, some commercial air conditioning Sydney units are designed to funnel air from the chilling coils. When the hot air flows over the coils, the refrigerator absorbs heat and becomes a gas. The air conditioner unit then converts the refrigerant back to liquid and the process starts again.

Like with other mechanical systems, your commercial air conditioning unit could malfunction. In most cases, you switch on the system but it does not cool either as fast as it should, or at all. There could be a lot of reasons this could be the case but the most common one involves the refrigerant. It could mean that it is time to call in a professional to do the repair. Here are three reasons why a technician is the best way to go:

Many refrigerants pose a danger to the environment

Refrigerants that are used in many air conditioning units are potential hazards. In the mid-1970s, it was found that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) react chemically and destroy the ozone layer. The ozone layer absorbs ultraviolet radiation protecting humans and other living things from their effects.

Further research has shown that a kilogram of a refrigerant such as R410a has a greenhouse impact of the same weight as two tons of Carbon IV oxide. In simple terms, this is like leaving your car running every day, all day for six months. Professionals know the kind of refrigerants that will be environmentally-friendly. They will know how to dispose of the refrigerant in your system and the equipment. They will also know how to repair your system so that no refrigerants will be leaking to cause damage to the environment and your ac unit.

Refrigerants are also a danger to your health

Most refrigerants used in commercial air conditioning Sydney have low boiling points. This means that they come with dangers of frostbite and even eye damage if they come in contact with your skin. What is more, some refrigerants have high boiling points. This means that handling presents dangers of skin irritation and respiratory diseases.

A professional will know how to handle each refrigerant. They will be well equipped with the safety wear they need to handle the refrigerants. What is more, the professional will know the kind of measures they should take should they come into direct contact with the refrigerant. This means that compared to you, they are a safer bet.

There are specific laws and guidelines surrounding the use of refrigerants

Most countries require that any person handling a refrigerant has a refrigerant handling license. The license indicates that they have undergone the necessary training and so they have the skills that are required to minimise the emission of refrigerants to the atmosphere. This means that in those places, handling your refrigerant repair needs is a legal offence.

Besides licensing, there are other requirements when it comes to commercial air conditioning Sydney that only a professional would know. For example, refrigerant cylinders need to be filled up to a certain percentage of their capacity to leave room for expansion. The cylinders also need stamping to indicate safety that only the professional can know to look for. Different refrigerants will need different operating pressures. A professional will know the kind of gauges to use to monitor and regulate the pressure.

How Apex Air Conditioning can help

With the help of Apex Airconditioning professionals, you can have your system checked to remove any parts that may have been leaking refrigerants. We know the different kinds of refrigerants on the market and are well equipped to make recommendations that will help your office go green. What is more, our team come prepared to handle the refrigerants without putting ourselves, you or your employers at risk. If you suspect you need help, speak to the team at Apex Airconditioning to see how we can help with your commercial air conditioning needs.