A heatwave is now on its way to Southern Australia. With the country now at its hottest, the risk of accidental house fires is high. In the midst of planning the perfect summer vacation, household fires still remain a threat to homeowners and their families.

Experts say that when a fire starts, you may only have up a couple of minutes to escape. Just the thought of it will surely make you worry about your safety. This is why you need to protect yourself and your home immediately. One effective way to do that, of course, is to identify the hazards. Read on to know the main causes of house fires and the simple ways to avoid them.

Air Conditioning System

Who would have thought that the equipment you use to keep cool during summer could start a fire? If malfunctions occur, it can have the opposite effect. Fire departments that track such incidents explain that leaky air-conditioners and plugging too many things into one circuit can instantly spark fires. As a premier provider of air-conditioning installation services, we recommend routine inspection and regular replacement of faulty equipment. Keeping the AC unit in good condition is what we work on to make sure our clients are safe.

Careless Smoking

Smoking can cause fires and explosions. To prevent serious injuries or death, it’s best to make the living room, kitchen and bedroom off-limits to smoking. When there’s a party in your house, make sure to supervise smokers who are drunk and forget where to properly throw their cigarette.

Flammable Liquids

Fuels, solvents, paints, thinners and even cleaning agents can cause fire if stored improperly. Never leave harmful liquids lying around everywhere, especially near flammable ones.

Kids Playing with Scented Candles

No matter how lovely the smell of scented candles is, they are still dangerous when left unattended. If a candle has made contact with piles of papers or curtains, it can easily ignite fire. As much as possible, keep an eye on what your children are doing.

Preventing household fires and ensuring safety should be taken very seriously. This is the reason we offer professional services, such as aircon installation and repair. To know more of what we are capable of, get in touch with us today.