People have varying routines to get them to sleep; from reading a book, drinking warm milk, or a short workout. There is one often overlooked factor that determines the quality of your sleep, temperature.

How Temperature Affects Sleep Quality

A drop in your body’s core temperature switches on the ‘I’m going to sleep’ system, according to a study from the Centre for Chronobiology in Switzerland. There are also findings that suggest sleeping in a cool bedroom provide calorie-burning advantages.

Extremely low room temperatures are not ideal, as it is too cold to get a restful and sound sleep. While it is easier to fall asleep in cold temperature, staying at a comfortable level is vital to having a deep slumber.

The comfortable sleeping temperature varies from person to person, as tolerance for cold differs, but the gauge is if you start shivering, then increase the temperature.

Keeping your skin temperature at a comfortable level is also important to the quality of sleep. A study from France reveals that skin temperatures around 90 degrees is the ideal. Blankets, pyjamas, and comforters help you achieve this even if the room is too cold for your liking.

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