In the olden days, people used conventional gas heating systems or firewood to keep warm during the coldest winters. These are still prevalent practices today, but there’s a better and more efficient solution now. Using modern methods and technology, reverse inverter cycle units can do the job better and safer.

The Big Difference

Cold winter nights can be quite unforgiving. That’s why we’ve strived to develop a climate control system that goes well with different types of households. Reverse inverter cycle units are as efficient as gas heating systems, if not better.

Unlike common air conditioners and heating system, an inverter works the other way around. Instead of operating at a fixed, regular speed, an inverter gently increases and decreases power. This mechanism allows a smooth change in temperature and avoids wild fluctuations and voltage peaks. The changes are so minute that most homeowners don’t even feel the transition at all.

Saving Power

Another striking difference between conventional climate control systems and reverse inverter cycle units is energy efficiency. A conventional system operates on a ‘start-stop’ principle, which means once it reaches a set temperature it will ‘die’ down almost immediately and start again minutes after. Most people don’t realise that this saps power almost twice as much as turning on a refrigerator.

Inverters, on the other hand, can save up to 20% to 30% on power consumption. As they maintain the set temperature rather than starting and stopping at different intervals, they don’t waste precious energy particularly on night-time operations. This is an ideal set-up for any modern Australian family.
A typical household, for example, can save more on running costs because the unit doesn’t have to work overtime just to achieve a certain temperature. With the inverter’s efficient power usage come huge savings.

Name of the Game

Apart from reverse inverter cycle units, our climate control equipment comes in split, multi, and ducted systems. Each system is designed to bring utmost convenience to every family. These units allow control over the temperature in each room. Families can set the temperature in one part of their home during the day and another during the night.

With our systems installed, homeowners can rest assured that they can stay warm and cosy during the long winter nights. In the unlikely event of a unit breakdown, customers can always consult us for quality service and repair. This is the name of our game—giving only the outstanding levels of quality and maintenance.

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