Air conditioners help regulate and clean air, so many households don’t mind the extra cost of installing and maintaining them. After all, who doesn’t want the comfort provided by these systems? The problem, however, is the rising electricity costs. As many households don’t want to cut back on their use, they look for ways to save energy without compromising.

If you want to do the same, we have listed a guide to make sure you’re doing it right:

Energy-efficient Air Conditioning

Many air conditioning brands today use the energy-efficient labels of their products as a marketing strategy, showing that these have passed the star rating systems of Australia. There’s nothing wrong in buying them, but you shouldn’t rely on that factor alone. It may be energy-efficient, but it could be counterproductive if not installed properly in the right room. Don’t buy a unit simply because it has an energy-efficient rating. Know the dimensions of your home to know the right AC to buy.

Leaving the Air Conditioner On or Off

There has been an on-going debate whether it’s better to shut off or leave the AC on when going out of the house. The correct answer is it depends. You need to ask yourself a few questions, such as the following: How long will you be away? Are you cooling a two-storey home or an apartment? Do you have a domestic pet?

It’s advisable to leave the AC running if you’re going out for a short errand and will be back in less than an hour. If you’re going out for the whole day, however, it’s better to shut off the AC.

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